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CBSE has assigned task of City Co-ordinator (Jhunjhunu) to Dundlod Public School

Dundlod 12 June 2024

Dundlod Public School, Dundlod principal Mr G. Prakash has been assigned the task of city coordinator to effectively accelerate innovations in the field of education and help in setting new standards in the field of academic, non-academic, examination management, training, recognition etc. by the Ajmer Region of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
The tasks given includes valuable suggestions for all the CBSE schools and students of Jhunjhunu district, formation of a committee at the district level to ensure examination centres, appointment of examiners for practical examinations and other works which are helpful in effectively implementing the education policy.
This responsibility has been given on the basis of best results since 2002 in academic and non-academic fields, development of moral values of students, discipline, personality development and transparency in the field of education.
On getting this responsibility, school principal G. Prakash said that the school will fulfill the responsibility given by the Central Board of Secondary Education. He added that they will work with their full potential for the betterment of education with the support of other school principals, teachers and students too.

Heartily congratulations to the successful students in NEET exam

Dundlod 09 June 2024

On the success of one student of Unacademy Institute with 716 marks, seven students with 715 marks and more than 60 students getting above 700 marks, staffers of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod and of it’s SIP partner Unacademy celebrated the big achievement of students. An atmosphere of joy prevailed among the students and teachers of School Integrated Program (SIP).
The students, parents and management heartily congratulated the team guiding these students and sent their best wishes for continued efforts towards such successes.
Principal of Dundlod Public School, G. Prakash said that in School Integrated Program (SIP) students will produce even better results in the times to come under the able leadership of Unacademy Institute.

DPS SIP programme student Vibhu Soni selected in NEET-2024

Dundlod 05 June 2024

The first success has been achieved in NEET under the SIP Program. According to the result declared on 04 June 2024, Vibhu Soni got selected in Government Medical College according to All India Merit Rank. He was part of the School Integrated Program running at Dundlod Public School.
School Secretary B.L. Ranwa congratulated him for the success and wished him very best for future endeavours.

Career 360 awarded the certificate to Dundlod Public School as the best Residential and Day School in India on the basis of best faculty, results and available facilities.

Dundlod, 28 May 2024

DPS, Dundlod created history again Divya Singh stood first by securing 98 percent marks. (49 students scored more than 90 percent marks)

Dundlod, 13 May 2024

Dundlod Public School, Dundlod has created history in the field of education by maintaining its 100% result for the seventeenth consecutive time in the All India Secondary School Examination (Class 10) 2024 conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

In the Secondary School Examination (Class-10) 2024 conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, 49 students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod set a record in the region by scoring more than 90 percent marks, school student Divya Singh scored 98 percent marks. Rakshit Dhangaich, a student of the same school, got the first position with 97.2 percent, Kanika Jakhar 96.8, Siddhi Arya 96.8 percent, Gaurav Chaudhary 96.6, Sudhendhu 96.6, Abhishek 96.2, Anurag 96.2, Kavyansh Marwal 96 percent, Pragati 95.8, Kushal Singh Shekhawat 95.6, Amit Singh 95.4, Romil Singh Mahich 95.4, Aditya Chaudhary 95.2, Luvjit 95, Souryavardhan Singh Shekhawat 94.6, Vanshika Meena 94.6, Zubin Khan 94.4, Pranjal 94.2, Zoya Khan 94.00, Parijat 93.8, Bhumika Meena 93.6 , Ayushi 93.4, Gautam Lamouriya 93.2, Subodh Kumar 93.2, Palak Deothia 93, Satyendra Singh 92.8, Aditya Singh 92.6, Tanmay 92.6, Nikhil Shekhawat 92.4, Abhinav 92, Hitesh Bhagarv 92, Krish 92, Sahil Khatri 92, Akshay Kumar Sharma 91.6, Nil Khandelwal 91, Pankaj Kumar 91, Nayun 90.8, Pritam Sharma 90.8, Bhumika 90.6, Sumit Kumar Saini 90.6, Chahat Aula 90.4, Hinal Janu 90.4 and Naina, Aditya Singh Shekhawat, Honey Bharya, Naveen Kumar, Nishita Sharma, Tanu Jakhar secured 90.2 percent marks.

49 students of the school scored more than 90 percent, 48 students scored between 80 to 90 percent and the remaining students scored more than 70 percent.
There was an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the school on this occasion. Institution Secretary Banwari Lal Ranwa, Director Sultan Singh Ranwa, Principal G Prakash, Vice Principal D. Lal, Examination in-charge Narayan Chandra Rakesh, Secondary in-charge Rekha Swamy, Primary in-charge Sumanlata, In-charge Manjeet Kaur and the school staff blessed the students by feeding them sweets and wished for their bright future.
Institution Secretary Banwari Lal Ranwa congratulated the students, teachers and parents and thanked the parents for their continuous support like every year.

DPS, Dundlod created history by giving 100% result for the fifteenth time (Sakshi Arya was the topper with 98 percent marks)

Dundlod, 12 May 2024

Dundlod, 12 May. Dundlod Public School, Dundlod gave 100% result for the fifteenth consecutive time in the Senior School Certificate Examination-2024 conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. In the Senior School Certificate Examination (Class-12) 2024 conducted by CBSE, 16 students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod set a record in the region by scoring more than 90 percent marks. School student Sakshi Arya scored 98 percent, Deepika Shekhawat, Surbhi Sharma, Sakshi Sharma, Tammanna Jakhar scored 96 percent, Ronak scored 95.4 percent, Nitin Kajla 93 percent, Divyam Jain and Mukul Kamar 92.8 percent, Dilip 92.6 percent, Harshita Shekhawat 91.2 percent, Shashank Runthala 91 percent and Surendra Mayank Jain and Rakshita scored 90.2 percent.
45 students of the school scored more than 80 percent marks and all the remaining students scored more than 70 percent marks.
There was an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the school on this occasion. Institution Secretary Banwari Lal Ranwa congratulated the students and teachers for giving 100% and better results for the fifteenth consecutive time in class 12th and thanked the parents for their continuous support and wished the students for their bright future.
In the function organized in the honor of the students, Principal Mr. Prakash said that the school has always been striving to give the best results and in the same sequence, like always, this time also the school has given excellent and 100 percent results.

DGS announces SUMMER CAMP from 16th May 2024. Former DPS, Dundlod student to inaugurate the event.

Dundlod, 11 May 2024
We are delighted to announce that DGS, Balwantpura is organising the Summer Camp 2024 (only for girls) from 16th May 2024 to 31st May 2024 on the school campus. This camp promises to be a fantastic opportunity for girls from grade II to grade XII to engage in enriching activities and create lasting memories.
Additionally, we welcome any girl child studying elsewhere who wishes to join us in this exciting journey.
During this Summer Camp, participants will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities- Shooting, Swimming, Horse Riding and Dance. Each child may participate in the maximum of two activities based on her interests and preferences.
Furthermore, we are honoured to announce that Dr Monika, an esteemed alumna of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod currently serving as Agriculture Officer, Govt. of Rajasthan, has graciously consented to be the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of the Summer Camp. Her presence will undoubtedly add the joy and inspiration to this event.
We encourage all interested students to register for the Summer Camp and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of learning apart from classrooms, fun and personal growth.

DPS received certificate of excellence for promotion of Mathematics subject

Dundlod, 25 March 2024

Secretary of Dundlod Educational Institute, B.L. Ranwa, while giving hearty greetings to the employees and teachers on Holi festival today, said that the Central Council of Secondary Education, New Delhi has organised the Aryabhatta Mathematics Challenge. Due to the excellent performance of the students of Dundlod Public School in the first level and second level examinations in the 2023 examination, Dundlod Public School was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by CBSE. He said that it is a matter of pride for us that our students are continuously making achievements and increasing the prestige of the school. Shri Ranwa said that we are also very happy to inform that our school has also been honoured with Adarsh Pathshala Award by Mahatma Gandhi Official Language Hindi Prachar Sanstha, Pune. Such achievements are a cause of heartfelt happiness and mental satisfaction. We are happy that our schools are actually steping forward with colourful success. We request our employees, parents and students to celebrate this festival of Holi with the concept of Green Holi – Clean Holi, Harmony rich – Fear Free Society. Principal G. Prakash sent his hearty greetings to all the people present and requested that we should express our joy on the auspicious festival of Holi by conserving water and by proper use of natural resources.

Principal of DPS, Dundlod received the Global Educator Award

Dundlod, 20 March 2024

Principal G. Prakash received Global Educator Award for the excellent performance of the students in various subjects of Commerce, Mathematics and Science organised by the International Olympiad Foundation. The students of DPS have excelled with higher pass percentage as compared to other schools as per the results declared by the Olympiad Committee. Keeping these results in view, the International Olympiad Foundation decided to honour the Principal of the Institution. On this occasion, organisation Secretary Mr B. L. Ranwa and Director Mr Rahul heartily congratulated Principal G. Prakash. Speaking on this occasion, Shri Ranwa said that organisations give excellent results only through collective leadership. Where students and their guides make continuous efforts, success is certain. On this occasion, Vice Principal Mr Dhananjay Lal, Incharge Ms Suman Lata Janu, Ms Manjeet Kaur, Ms Rekha Swami and Manager Mr Naveen Sharma congratulated each other and promised to work hard in the future with collective efforts.

Tobacco addiction is a stigma for India's future: Dr. Anil Sanganeria

Dundlod, 27 February 2024

We all know how tobacco addiction is taking hold of our youth today. We find small children on the streets and corners of the locality, smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco or gutkha. They either learn this habit from their family or from a bad company. As easy as it is to consume tobacco and become addicted to it, it is that difficult to get rid of it. I can’t even imagine how many families in our country are ruined due to tobacco addiction. This is a stain on the future of our country. While addressing the students of class eight to twelve, Vice President and Trustee of Shekhawati Zone Cancer Mukti Mission, Dr. Anil Sanganeria of Breach Kennedy Hospital, Mumbai highlighted many things under the Nasha Mukti Programme “Jagran”.
In addition to it Dr. Anil Sanganeria said that due to bad life style lakhs of people in India are suffering from cancer. Secretary of Shekhawati Zone Cancer Mukti Mission, Matadin said that today’s youth become victims of alcohol and tobacco addiction easily due to unawareness and this mission is to make them aware and show them the right path.

Dundlod Public School made a new record

Dundlod, 19 February 2024

As per the results received today i.e 19th February 2024, in the Scientific Temperament and Aptitude Test of National Assessment, Amit Singh, student of class 10, Dundlod Public School, Dundlod stood at the state level and Shailesh Khakhal, student of class 9 secured top position at the district level. These students set new records in the examination conducted under Knowledge Awareness Mapping Platform (KAMP). This examination was conducted under the National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, in which the students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod secured the highest position in their respective class groups. Out of the total participants, 24 students passed the examination with A plus grade and 17 students passed the examination with A grade. The remaining students were successful in getting B plus and B grades. Institution Secretary B.L. Ranwa said that these results are encouraging for the teachers and students of DPS and wished them for their bright future.

Preparation for JEE and NEET will be done in DPS with Unacademy

Dundlod, 15 February 2024

A career seminar was organised today at Dundlod Public School, Dundlod. Now students will be able to prepare for NEET and JEE in a better and safe environment along with schooling under the School Integrated Programme in Dundlod. Now the team of Unacademy will prepare the students here for the competitions. School Integrated Programme has been running in the school from the last two years but this time the school has chosen Unacademy as its academic partner. In this, students get an environment free from mental stress. The student does not need to go anywhere to achieve his/her objectives.
Today, the team of Unacademy solved the problems and doubts of the students in the career seminar. In this, Ashish Diwan Sir was present as the keynote speaker, who clearly said that if we try with positive energy, better results can be achieved from the School Integrated Programme. Surendra Chaudhary, Bhunesh and Yogendra from Unacademy were present on this occasion.
Speaking on this occasion Principal G. Prakash said that we still will continue our tradition of providing qualitative results with the School Integrated Programme. On this occasion, DGS Principal Indu Soni, Managing Committee Member Rahul, Director Sultan Singh and Director DGS Asha Poonia were present. Everyone appreciated the ideas expressed in the programme.
Secretary of Dundlod Educational Institute B. L. Ranwa also assured for providing hostel to girl students studying in S.I.P. and announced scholarship for meritorious students.

DPS leading again in the Olympiad organised by the Institute of Company Secretariat of India

6 Feb. 2024

Students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod have scored higher results than the average result of all schools in ICSI Commerce Olympiad. According to the average result of class 12 released by the Olympiad Committee, the average result of all other schools was 52.15 percent while the average result of the students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod was 53.11 percent. It is noteworthy here that Gungun Mishra of class 12 got silver medal, Divyam Jain got bronze medal and Deepika Saran of class 11 got bronze medal in the Commerce Olympiad organised under the Indian Olympic Federation. Our Commerce students performed brilliantly and enthralled everyone by the performance. Principal G. Prakash and secretary B.L. Ranwa congratulated the students and teachers for their continuous success in various Olympiads.

Students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod made a record in Aryabhatta Mathematics Challenge 2023

2 Feb. 2024

A total of 550000 students from 5050 schools participated in the Aryabhatta Mathematics Challenge Competition 2023 organised by CBSE. In this, 8590 students were selected in the second stage at the National Level. On the basis of regional offices, CBSE selected hundred best students from each regional office. Hundred best students were selected from 2000 schools of Rajasthan and Gujarat under CBSE Regional Office Ajmer, in which two students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod were selected. Secretary of Dundlod Educational Institute B. L. Ranwa told that two students Aditya Chaudhary son of Shri Rajpal and Amit Singh son of Shri Sikandar Singh have also been selected among the hundred best selected students from Ajmer region. He said that it is a matter of joy and pride for our school family that we are succeeding in making our mark at the National Level. The credit for this goes to the joint team of students studying in our school, working teachers and parents.

The responsibility of preparing a cultured, well-educated future rests on both parents and teachers: Kharra

31 Jan. 2024
Dundlod Public School, Dundlod celebrated its Annual Function, 'The Voyage' A Journey Through The Ages

The Voyage- A Journey Through The Ages, The Annual Function of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod was organised on Sunday in the auditorium of DPS, Dundlod. The chief guest of the programme was UDH Minister Mr Jhabar Singh Kharra. While it was presided over by CBSE Ajmer Regional Officer Mr Shyam Kapoor. The special guests were Mr Surendra Saini Phoolwala, former chairman of Nawalgarh Municipality and Mr Kailash Chotia, Vice chairman of Nawalgarh Municipality.

School Secretary and Educationist Mr B.L. Ranwa warmly welcomed all the guests. On this occasion, UDH Minister Kharra honoured the talented students by giving away the prizes. He also said that today’s students are the future of the country. It is not only teachers who are responsible for making their future well-cultured, well-educated and filled with Indian tradition, culture and civilization. Rather, parents also have equal responsibility. He said that whether it is a child living in a hostel or a child of a day scholar. Everyone remains under the supervision of the teacher during a fixed time. School Secretary Mr B.L. Ranwa said that the annual festival is the mirror of any school. The awards received by more than 400 students of the school during this period prove that the school is working towards promoting not only scholastic and co-scholastic but also cultural education. CBSE Regional Officer Mr Shyam Kapoor, who was presiding over the programme, praised the schools of Dundlod Educational Institute and said that Shekhawati has established dimensions in education. Among them, schools like Dundlod Educational Institute have an important contribution. The program was conducted by school students Sonam, Riya Muhal, Jaital Shekhawat, Priya Meena and Divya Kanwar.

Exhibition became selfie point

For the annual function organised in the Dundlod Public School, Dundlod, the school campus was decorated with exhibitions related to patriotism and the life of Lord Shri Ram. Which became selfie point for parents and invited guests. They witnessed some attractive points made by School teachers and students the Statue of Unity, Jallianwala Bagh and the Subhash Chandra Bose Memorial. Parents clicked selfies everywhere.

A large number of dignitaries arrived to grace the program
To enhance the beauty of the program, Tehsildar Bhimsen, Jhunjhunu Rural DSP Rohitashv Devanda, Mukundgarh SHO Sardarmal, retired Commandant PL Verma, former Sikar BJP District President Vishnu Chetani, Manoj Singhania, Regional Manager of Baroda Gramin Bank Sajjan Sihag, Panchayat Samiti member Major Jairam. Khichad, Subhash Lamba Chailasi, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department Dr. Rajesh Yadav, Senior Advocate Vidyadhar Singh Jakhar, Veerpal Singh Shekhawat, BJP State Executive Member Omendra Charan, KK Janu, Sarpanch Devipura Rajneesh Poonia, Sarpanch representative Navaldi Gordhan Meena, Rajesh Katewa, Dr. Dayashankar Jangid, Dr. Bhaskar T Rawal, Vikesh Kulhari, Baldev Singh Khandela, former councilor Manisha Kedia Chirawa, Dr. DP Sharma, Ramavatar Narnaulia etc. were present.

Kindergarten kids got maximum applause

During the program, on the song of Jai Shri Ram, where the parents and guests present got up from their seats and clapped, the little children of Kinder Garten got the maximum applause.

Republic Day ceremonialised

27 Jan. 2024

75th anniversary of Republic Day was celebrated at Dundlod Public School, Dundlod. On this occasion Mrs. Prakash Kanwar, mother of Dushyant Singh, a class 9th student selected in the NSEJS examination, hoisted the flag. The students of the school presented interesting cultural programmes.
Chief guest Mrs. Prakash Kanwar said in her address that this achievement of her son Dushyant is the result of the foundation course run by the school and extended her gratitude.
In the Republic Day function at Surya Mandal Ground of Subdivision Nawalgarh, the school’s NCC Parade boys stood first and girls stood second. In the march past the girls’ team stood first and the boys’ team stood second. In the same sequence, the school also stood first in school band, orchestra and dumbbell-drill.

DPS student Dushyant Singh selected in NSEJS

11 Jan. 2024

In the National Standard Examination Junior Scientist Competition-2023, Dushyant Singh, student of class 9th of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod greatly took aback everyone by ensuring his place in the merit on the basis of marks as this examination is organised by I.A.P.T. at the National level. This is the result of joint efforts of NEET-Sarthi Kota and DPS, Dundlod team. Dushyant Singh is the student of the School Integrated Programme (SIP).

Students of DPS, Dundlod Bore the Palm in National Science Olympiad

8 Jan. 2024

In the National Science Olympiad organised by Science Olympiad Foundation, eight students of Dundlod Public School, Dundlod, Viniyera, Divesh, Lovesh, Saloni, Dushyant Singh, Aditya Singh, Pranjal, Krish, received gold medals and thirteen students Viniyera, Divesh, Saloni Poonia, Dushyant Singh, Siddhi Arya, Aditya Chaudhary, Pranjal, Divya Singh, Ayushi, Abhishek, Neil Khandelwal, Krish and Amit Singh are selected for the second level examination. Students Amit Singh, Abhishek and Divya Singh secured sixteenth rank at the International level.

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