About us

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Dundlod Public School, a Group of CBSE Affiliated English Medium Senior Secondary Co-Educational Residential – cum – Day Schools. These schools are managed by Dundlod Shikshan Sansthan, Dundlod.
To cater to the needs of all the groups of society, schools run hostel. Schools provide ample opportunities for the all round development of the child, through their meticulously designed co-curricular activities and stress free environment. Schools lay special emphasis on Indian culture and moral education. We expect our students to be self-disciplined, docile, decent, self-reliant and responsible in all respects. The Schools aim to prepare a conscientious and responsible citizen of India with a sense of integrity and honesty. The schools are determined to work in co-operation with parents and the community and wants to share the responsibility of bringing students up in such a way that they can carve a niche for themselves in the society.

Aims & Objectives

A child’s mind is one of the most wondrous creations of God. To nourish and to develop it in the right way is a sensitive and rewarding task that Dundlod Public Schools have undertaken. The objectives of Dundlod Public Schools are as follows:

To give education to all irrespective of caste, creed and colour, in an atmosphere of purity, efficiency, discipline and Indian culture with special emphasis on character building.

To impart value based education through thoughtfully designed educational programmes, cultural activities, co-curricular activities, games and sports.

To activate academic excellence through a team of dedicated teachers from all over the country.

To achieve academic excellence in games and sports through a team of NIS trained coaches and PETs.

To develop integrity and fullness of versatile character in the child.

To develop officer like qualities through a flawless system.

To provide training in leadership.

To inculcate awareness among students to maintain environmental purity and ecological harmony.

To develop qualities of a good human being like respect for the parents & elders, compassion, truthfulness, honesty etc.

To provide to the country, a future generation enriched in excellent qualities of character.

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